About Me

As a Kinesiologist, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, I possess a wealth of techniques, knowledge and understanding of people, disease and conditions which can assist clients on their road to recovery. I believe each person is absolutely unique and individual in their own right. Our personality type, the experiences we have faced in our life, our childhood, our physical environment, our diet, all contributing factors to our health and wellbeing.

Having spent over 10 years in the corporate world, predominantly in a multinational IT company in a sales capacity, I stumbled upon Kinesiology by a friend who mentioned it might help my daughter who was then 5 and my son who was 2. My daughter suffered terrible insomnia, hyperactivity, had poor concentration, was very clumsy and words would jump around on a page for her. My son was born with a wheeze and was prescribed steroids and Ventolin at the age of 16 weeks and diagnosed with asthma. In a couple of sessions for both children all symptoms stopped. After being balanced, it transpired my daughter was still using some Moro reflexes that one is born with which attributed to her clumsy behaviour and also she was given exercises to stop the words jumping around on the page. They worked! It was also suggested that she eliminate wheat and gluten from her diet (an 80-20 rule), potatoes and cheese and sugar. A tough call for a 5 year old child, but I’m so glad we pursued this because the results were immediate. The anxiety, insomnia, hyperactivity and bad behaviour stopped. She has a strong sensitivity to these foodstuffs. My son, after two sessions stopped using his puffers, the wheeze went and nearly 6 years later it hasn’t returned perplexing his paediatrician. My son continues to take his supplements that are extremely effective at combating inflammation in his lungs and he hasn’t suffered since. No chemical medication, only natural vitamins and supplements support his immune system now.

So, after this episode in my life, Kinesiology literally blew me away and I didn’t look back. I signed up straight away on all the courses possible to become a Kinesiologist and since then have undertaken many practitioner courses of varying disciplines to support my Kinesiology practice. Here I am now, passionate as ever, with both experience and more qualifications under my belt, wanting to share my experiences and skills to help others who are suffering from stress, emotional and physical disease. There is not one person on this planet who hasn’t suffered stress of some sort during their life. For most, it is a constant balance of managing stress in our lives, and I want to help you to create and manage this balance.

I hope this inspires you to put doubt to one side, and take a leap of faith to help yourself recover and eliminate or manage whatever symptoms or conditions you may currently have that affect your life physically and mentally. We resign ourselves to symptoms as part of growing old, or that’s just how it is, when we can actually lead extremely vibrant, happy healthy lives if we stop for long enough and empower ourselves to think we can actually change how we are feeling.