Rebecca is one of those rare people that is able to easily identify the exact nature of the problem and the immediate path needed to remedy it. Her gentle instinct and healing manner are, I believe, what really set her apart from the rest. I have seen her over several different occasions, each time experiencing a real release and surge forward in recovery. She has also worked with one of my children, again enabling them to move on from the trauma easily and naturally. I do not hesitate in recommending her services, to anyone.

I spent 18 months suffering with my digestive problems, seeing various doctors and having invasive tests and procedures, they had no clue…..on my second very relaxed and restful visit to Rebecca she identified what could be the problem! Since then her wisdom, compassion, healing and what sometimes feels like ‘magic’ has had an amazingly positive effect on my life, relationships, health and general wellbeing. I really can’t thank you enough. Thank you for being you!

I first went to Rebecca to get a general view from her on the balance of nutrients in my system and general well-being really. I was also concerned at how regularly I was suffering from heartburn and indigestion and it was something that seemed to be getting worse over time, almost regardless of how I tried to adjust my diet. She recommended a specific set of supplements and nutrients which I have to say had an immediate impact, not only in more or less curing the heartburn but also making a significant improvement to my immune system and my system’s ability to combat the inevitable bugs and colds that come our way. I have continued with the supplements ever since with the same ongoing benefit. About a year ago I was experiencing a ‘mystery’ pain in my groin which, despite several visits to various private medical specialists, was not going away. Surgery was looking like an increasing likely option, so I decided to see whether there was anything that Rebecca would be able to do. I cannot hand on my heart explain exactly what she did over those couple of sessions – you would have to ask her! But what I can say is that the groin pain started to ease to the point where now it is pretty much gone and I have not had to undergo any surgery whatsoever.”

Having had Kinseiology in the past, I had an understanding of what it entailed and what to expect, when I booked in sessions with Rebecca. I found Rebecca not only very professional, knowledgeable and considerate but a lady who puts in 100% effort into really understanding and finding solutions to resolving issues for people. I was honestly blown away, not only by her vast and very broad range of knowledge but also her unique and very rare gift of combining this knowledge with sincerity, empathy, compassion and really wanting to help her clients. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to anyone, she is one of those very rare special that people that touches lives in a very very positive way.

I went to visit Rebecca at Rebecca Bown Wellness for a series of sessions after a shoulder injury I sustained from a mountain biking accident. I had muscle/nerve damage to my left shoulder resulting in a numb spot and loss of full movement. After 3 sessions and a course of supplements a notable improvement to the damaged shoulder was evident. A professional service resulted in a return to sports fitness. Would recommend treatment and preventative treatments.